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The Mortgage Master Program is content designed specifically for successful career entry.  It is an in-depth study of loan program guidelines, the mortgage loan process and ethical and licensing standards for mortgage originators. This course is a MUST for every new originator, and when taken as a prerequisite to the 20 hour SAFE course, provides a solid base of knowledge to enhance the understanding of the Federal material.  The program provides you with a working knowledge of: 

  • The mortgage industry and role of mortgage originator.
  • The requirements for licensure as a mortgage originator.
  • The components and calculations of a mortgage payment.
  • The flow of a loan file from prequalification through post-closing.
  • Calculations and guidelines for borrower pre-qualification.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for conventional loans.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for FHA government loans.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for VA guaranteed loans.
  • Overview of other common loan programs.
  • Federal lending laws as they pertain to mortgage financing.
  • Analyzing and interpreting a tri-merge credit report.
  • Mathematical calculations related to mortgage financing.
  • Completing a Uniform Residential Loan Application.
  • Loan file documentation requirements.
  • Understanding the needs of a specific borrower; recommending the appropriate loan program.
  • Calculating borrower closing costs; regulated disclosures.
  • Reviewing appraisal reports; and
  • Completing the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

The course is divided into 23 Modules, includes quizzes and a final exam and is approximately 40 hours of content.  

This purchase shall be deemed effective on the date that the user login is created and shall continue for (60) days.  A course extension can be purchased for $109 for an additional (30) days.

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