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The Mortgage Master Program is content designed specifically for successful career entry.  It is an in-depth study of loan program guidelines, the mortgage loan process and ethical and licensing standards for mortgage originators. This course is a MUST for every new originator, and when taken as a prerequisite to the 20 hour SAFE course, provides a solid base of knowledge to enhance the understanding of the Federal material.  The program provides you with a working knowledge of: 

  • The mortgage industry and role of mortgage originator.
  • The requirements for licensure as a mortgage originator.
  • The components and calculations of a mortgage payment.
  • The flow of a loan file from prequalification through post-closing.
  • Calculations and guidelines for borrower pre-qualification.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for conventional loans.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for FHA government loans.
  • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for VA guaranteed loans.
  • Overview of other common loan programs.
  • Federal lending laws as they pertain to mortgage financing.
  • Analyzing and interpreting a tri-merge credit report.
  • Mathematical calculations related to mortgage financing.
  • Completing a Uniform Residential Loan Application.
  • Loan file documentation requirements.
  • Understanding the needs of a specific borrower; recommending the appropriate loan program.
  • Calculating borrower closing costs; regulated disclosures.
  • Reviewing appraisal reports; and
  • Completing the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

The course is divided into 23 Modules and is approximately 40 hours of content.   

This purchase shall be deemed effective on the date that the user login is created and shall continue for (60) days.  A course extension can be purchased for $109 for an additional (30) days.

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