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Mechanics of VA Loans

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Mechanics of VA Loans offers instruction on VA lending and what is expected from mortgage loan originators (MLO’s). With a primary focus on VA underwriting guidelines, qualification parameters, and real world “structure”, this course reassures its participant’s what is expected from them by integrating guidelines and parameters. VA intensive will relay the latest updates and VA communication keeping students informed with the latest changes. 

Mechanics of VA Loans covers the background of VA loans, origination basics, property eligibility, loan limits, actual mortgage transactions, the structure of VA funding fees, entitlement calculations and more. Additionally, the course will review borrower specifics, eligibility, and income calculations.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

·         Outline the VA home loan eligibility criteria for veterans and active duty service members

·         Identify the benefits of VA loans

·         Review the requirements for a purchase, IRRRL, and a cash-out refinance transaction

·         Calculate the VA maximum mortgage amount

·         Calculate both the back-end ratio and the residual income for qualification

·         Distinguish between eligible and ineligible properties

This purchase shall be deemed effective on the date that the user login is created and shall continue for (60) days, in the case of Individual or Bundle Services.  A course extention can be purchased for $59 for an additional (30) days.

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